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Money Back Guarantee

In order to submit your money back guarantee, please have a copy of your proof of purchase a answer a couple of questions


FELIWAY® is supported by a Money Back Guarantee. Products eligible for a Money Back Guarantee are:

  • FELIWAY Diffuser
  • FELIWAY Friends Diffuser
  • FELIWAY Spray

Ceva Animal Health (“Ceva”) is confident that, when used as directed, FELIWAY is effective at
reducing or preventing unwanted behaviours, including spraying, scratching and problems between
cats. In some instances, in order to maximize the effectiveness of FELIWAY, behavioural and
environmental modifications may be required. Additionally, in order to fully realize the benefits of
FELIWAy, Ceva recommends that FELIWAY be used continuously for a minimum of 30 days.
Ceva sincerely hopes that you are satisfied with FELIWAY. If, however, you are not satisfied with
FELIWAY for any reason, subject to the following terms and conditions, Ceva will refund you the
purchase price of the Refund Product.
Ceva’s Money Back Guarantee only applies to authentic government approved products that are
registered with Australian APVMA or New Zealand ACVM, as applicable. Purchases from overseas
sellers or otherwise non-authentic products are excluded from the Money Back Guarantee.
In order to obtain a refund of your purchase price, please mail or courier to Ceva within 60 days of your purchase of FELIWAY the following:

1. a copy of your purchase receipt;

2. the product (including the diffuser, the refill container, and/or the spray bottle, as

3. any product packaging;

4. a note containing your name, phone number and email address; and

5. a short explanation detailing your dissatisfaction with the product.

Products purchased in Australia shall be mailed to:
Ceva Animal Health Pty Ltd
Attn: Money Back Guarantee Claim
PO Box 147
Glenorie NSW 2157

Ceva recommends keeping a copy of your mailing receipt and obtaining tracking on the package.
Ceva will only refund your purchase price when it actually receives the required return materials. On receipt of the returned materials, a Ceva representative will contact you to obtain other details needed to process your refund.
Ceva accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen, late, damaged or misdirected mailings.
The purchase receipt must clearly specify the retailer of purchase, the purchase amount paid and
the date of purchase. Incomplete, indecipherable, or illegible claims will be not be honoured.
Failure to produce a legible copy of the purchase receipt will prevent Ceva from issuing a refund.
Further, Ceva will only honour one (1) claim per mailing address.
Please note that any personnel information that Ceva collects will be use solely for the purposes of
issuing a refund and otherwise in accordance with Ceva’s Privacy Policy which can be accessed at:

Please allow up to twenty-eight (28) business days to receive the refund.
The refund is not transferable or exchangeable and can only be made out to the claimant who
purchased the Refund Product.